March 2021

Hi Shane,

I just completed the practical needling workshop with you in Adelaide. I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful 3 day course you did with us. I have learnt so much from you and I am very grateful to have been able to be taught by you!Thank you for being so patient and kind to us. I will most definitely be joining in the masterclass one day in the near future.


September 2015

Hi Shane,

Just wanted to thank you for passing on your expertise and pearls of wisdom from the recent Podiatry Acupuncture/Dry needling course.

The course was very informative and the presentation was clear and concise. I enjoyed the small group size as it allowed plenty of time to discuss things with you along the way and I felt that we were closely monitored for correct technique.

I have already started using it and have sparked further interest in the Podiatrists in my practice. The thing I find most valuable is that it is so relevant to daily practice and it is not an aggressive treatment. I’m excited to see how this progresses in our practice and I will definitely be attending the advanced course in the future.

Please find below anonymous comments/feedback following Practical Acupuncture for Podiatrists workshops.

Thu, 17 May 2012

Hi Shane
Sorry, I have been slow with the feedback, I have been using acupuncture every day in clinic since attending your workshop and although the results have been indifferent in a few cases the majority of the patients I am treating respond very well and I have been able to achieve some excellent results.

Some of the conditions I have successfully treated include, heel pain ( central and medial mainly), metatarsalgia, 1st MPJ pain, achilles pain, knee pain and posterior knee pain. I also treated a young girl with raynauds successfully using Sp1 which amazed me! Her feet have been warm now for two weeks.

I also had success with a jones point on a woman with medial sesamoiditis which was very satisfying. I have incorporated kinesiology taping into my practice and again am amazed with some of the outcomes. Overall the feedback from the patients has been extremely positive.

The workshop has really added to my practice and with the new skills I acquired I am achieving better results in quicker times which the patients love.
Many thanks,

“Hey Shane, hope your well. I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you and that it was great to be apart of your course. I can put into words how much I have taken from this, I feel I have learnt more on your course than I have in the last 6 years! This has given me the “buzz” again that I have been desperately missing. Thank you so much again. Best wishes Pete Shelton” Sept 2014

“I really enjoyed the course! Straight away after the course i felt like my clinical knowledge had hugely improved. I feel more confident in clinic and particularly with MSK patients. You made the course really comprehensive and were willing to show us other aspects of treatment that compliment acupuncture, i.e. rock tape, massage, ischemic compression.
Your email timing was very convenient. I had opened my emails to send you one, thanking you for fixing me. I have gotten AABB to needle me since the workshop (with application of rock tape and some massage). The difference it has made to me is amazing. The pain I had been walking through for the last ~6 years is for the most part gone. Walking journey times have reduced (what used to take me 45 mins, now only takes me ~30 mins). I still haven’t started back running yet, i’m still too afraid! The ischemic compression is still pretty painful but nothing like it was that first day. Thanks again, looking forward to taking part in some more of your sessions.” (PAP workshop October 2013)

“I wanted to tell you about one of my patients, he is a Type I Insulin Dependent Diabetic who had poor control of his Glucose levels, in his 70’s, he was experiencing Neuropathic pain in his toes which was waking him at night. He is overweight walked with a stick and his legs were beginning to swell with the possibility of a wound developing.
He started having acupuncture with myself and the pain in his toes became less frequent eventually going completely, since he has been attending for the needling, his glucose levels have reduced, his Insulin units have been reduced, he has lost weight, no longer needs his stick all the time and seems much healthier and happier!” (PAP workshop April 2013)

“A must for podiatrists, excellent, both of Shane’s  courses I have been on are by far the best courses for practical  MSK  Rxs ever in 13 years in UK. April 2013”


  • Hi Shane, I am getting great feedback from the patients I have treated for a variety of ailments, all to do with the feet and knees.  Burning feet responds well as seen in one patient with Parkinson’s disease and another on chemo for bowel cancer.  I have done work on one lady with knee pain which was waking her up at night. All now resolved.  Some patients are looking for more than just legs and I may consider continuing study as it is working so well.  My husband’s friend had long term severe knee pain and it has reduced greatly but not yet completely resolved.
    Overall, I’m delighted with this new skill and thank you for bringing it to my practice and my patients.  May 2013


  • Thanks so much for the workshop. I have been using the needles in my private practice and here in Merlin park.  I am seeing some good results in particular with burning feet, and planter heel pain, something I see a lot of. I am using it regularly and enjoying it.  Many thanks. May 2013

“Hi Shane Practiced on my wife planter heel pain – just did a regular trigger point and a further needle in the quadratus plantae, cold spray and stretch two sessions and working a treat. Also doing a further heel pain one and a TA also with fee paying patients going steadily along = 1st reviews this week. The course was superb and I will be booking to see you again when your next over. In the process of booking with ian ilane  for FMT stuff.”

Hi Shane, I have attached a copy of the completed evaluation form for you to forward to the Society. I would like to thank you for putting together such a great course.  I really enjoyed attending and was actually sad it had finished, which has never happened on any other courses I have attended.  I have started using the needles and will continue to do so to enhance my practice.  I look forward to hearing from you when you are back in the UK with your Advanced Day. April 2013

Hi Shane
I wanted to give you an update on my acupuncture adventures and then to ask a question.
I have had great success with treating a lady who still had neuropathy 7 months after ending chemo and she couldn’t get back to her job as she needed to wear boots – after 4 treatments she went back to work.
I treated a lady who had had terribly burning feet for many years and after 4 treatments her feet felt fine.