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UK Practical Acupuncture for Podiatrists Including Dry Needling (PAP)

The 3 Day (PAP) workshop provides approved College of Podiatry (COP) Acupuncture Certification as required for UK insurance cover.

*** If you already have acupuncture accreditation, then look for the discount on the listed fee. We guarantee (money back, no questions) that you will significantly increase your acupuncture scope of practice! Please contact us about this offer. ***

The PAP/PNP and other  workshops, below, enable you to use the modality with the practical skills and understanding REQUIRED to become exceptional in the use of needling techniques for lower limb conditions in all areas of podiatric practice. They were developed by a Podiatrist with 25 years experience  using this modality with a Podiatric perspective seeking out the most advanced training available and applying it in clinical practice. The final question always was whether any new technique was suitable for Podiatrists to understand and use in clinical practice for it to be included at some stage within the training. The workshops are continuously being updated with new content. Repeating the workshop will always add new skills.

Limited places are available in all workshops. In general workshops are limited to 16 particiapants.

PRACTICAL NEEDLING for PODIATRISTS (PNP), AUSTRALIA, is the same workshop, however, “Acupuncture” is a registered health profession in Australia. We respect Traditiona Chinese Medicine, however, we do not provide training in TCM and you cannot claim to be an “acupuncturist”. You cannot make a TCM diagnosis with our training. It is still common for allied health professionals to say that they are providing acupuncture treatment. Apart from misleading clients they are open to prosecution. Our workshops are presented from a Western Medical perspective with the current scientific mechanisms explained. You are not required to learn nor believe in traditional theories to practice what is taught.

Participants will learn to apply a wide range of practical techniques to address specific podiatric conditions. You will be capable of using the techniques learnt immediately on your return to clinical practice. You will have the capabilities to increase your clinical effectiveness and your scope of practice. You will be able to simply complement your current management for many conditions or even replace some existing techniques as well as even offer treatment for some conditions where currently no treatment is offered. Case studies are constantly discussed.

The workshop also includes effective techniques for the release of myofascial trigger points. These areas are a very common cause of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. There is a huge benefit in clinical outcomes when you understand and incorporate this practice into your clinical skills. In the west the technique often used is called DRY NEEDLING Importantly, you will also learn how to combine various acupuncture techniques and how to combine these with your existing podiatric skills for comprehensive treatment. You will learn to treat pain resulting from nerve dysfunction.  Mechanisms to enhance local tissue healing  will be thoroughly explained. Techniques from this workshop may be used in all areas of practice from treating sporting injuries through to dealing with the high risk cases.

 ADAVANCED PRACTICAL ACUPUNCTURE/NEEDLING INTEGRATION WORKSHOPS FOR PODIATRISTS may also be open for registration. These workshops and shorter MASTERCLASSES are now offered for graduates of the PAP/PNP. It is the opportunity to  fill any needling gaps from the PAP workshop, introducing extra needle techniques and integrating needling with Laser Therapy, advanced lower limb taping, manual therapies and mechanical interventions.
PLACES in all Workshops are ONLY RESERVED ON RECEIPT of Deposit or full Payment.

COMMENTS/FEEDBACK: (see more on testimonial page)

“Without doubt the most useful, engaging and exciting postgraduate course I have attended within the last 15 years. The teaching was superb and since leaving the classroom two weeks ago, I can honestly say I have put the skills learned to use on each and every patient through the door. Shane Toohey is a typical cool as cucumber Aussie with a passion for teaching, his teaching made for a safe and enjoyable learning environment. The course was almost all practical which made it all the more enjoyable and helped everything to stick. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Tracy Byrne
UK Podiatrist

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    Full time students at discount prices, ask for student flyer.

    The event lising will say "FULL" which means that registrationsare closed for this workshop.

    You must have done PAP (PNP) to register for the Advanced workshop. You may immediately continue into the Advanced.

    NNB. If workshop is full or dates unsuitable, please contact us to be placed on first notice for future workshops.
    Workshop participant numbers are always limited due to the practical teaching methodology.


    UK and Ireland, confirmed workshops listed below.

  • Workshops

    Dates Event Cost
    April 4, 2018 to
    April 6, 2018
    PAP BIrmingham

    April 9, 2018 to
    April 9, 2018
    Knee Pain Masterclass Birmingham

    April 12, 2018 to
    April 14, 2018
    PAP London

    April 16, 2018 to
    April 17, 2018
    Advanced Integration London