Treating Knee Pain –Advanced Acupuncture for Podiatrists Masterclass

ADVANCED CLASS ONLY SUITABLE FOR “PAP#1/PNP#1 (minimum)” GRADUATES (not for beginners).

A certificate will always be issued.

This will be a very practical morning for anyone who has done any previous needling workshop with me. Very strictly the workshop is restricted to 16 participants This will be an advanced workshop focussed on treating knee pain and dysfunction. The approach and techniques often produce results in recalcitrant cases.

We will start with a myofascial look at knee anatomy. Is there an alternative paradigm explaining knee instability that may provide a new pathway for treating a wide spectrum of the pain and dysfunction being presented in clinic? The main intention is for you to be confident treating knee pain.

We will learn about improving knee stability as well as treat the local cause of the presenting pain and enhance local tissue repair, we will treat myofascial pain being referred into the knee.  So, there will be myofascial needling and local needling. There will be soft tissue manual therapy and laser therapy demonstrations. We will cover rehabilitation and advanced taping and functional exercises.

TESTIMONIAL:  from the Knee pain  workshop in Perth on 20th January      Ben Trewben Great session on Friday thanks Shane Toohey. Put to practice in particular today with awesome effect. Got a text from the person who referred the client about an hour after the session to thank me for how much of a difference it’s made. Recommend the session to anyone

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